Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain your Crowdfunding Tiers / Subscriptions?

Yes I can. I’ve created two categories of subscriptions that you can support me with:

  1. The Tipping Subscription: It’s a show of support, but you don’t get any content. This is set at $3 USD per month.
  2. The Content Subscriptions: Paying at any of these levels will get you access to playing all the Games and Demos I’ve made.

While the content Subscriptions are priced at $10, $25, and $100 USD per month respectively they all deliver the same amount of content.

The difference for each content subscription is in how and where that supporter is thanked and credited, in addition to how they’re addressed in the Kangaroo Games Discord Channel.

Will you release completed games as a single time purchase on platforms like Steam?

If a game I make gets enough depth and polish to be worth releasing for money, then yes!

That said, anyone who’s subscribed at the $10 or more tiers through Patreon or SubscribeStar gets access to fully completed games. There’s no ask for “Double Dipping”

Releasing games at a stand alone cost once they’re completed is an option for those who just want to pay a one-time purchase for each game.


Will you make “Free to play” games? And what’s your DLC plans?

As someone who’s worked on free to play mobile games commercially they’re the last thing I want to work on by going indie.

Also, none of my games will contain monetized gambling or loot boxes.

For DLC plans I like the idea of offering “Art Conversions” for games later down the line. Like being able to turn anthro/furry characters into human characters and vice versa.


Are you making JUST erotic games?

No, my goal is to create all sorts of games. Some will be erotic, some will be appropriate for anyone.


Then what ties your games together?

For the most part it’s the art style and tone that ties them together. A focus on cartoon-esque character designs mixed with fun gameplay.


What’s the projected timeline for each project?

It’s not a good idea to estimate a timeline for projects not started, so it’s better to speak in broad strokes.

Over the first month of the Patreon / SubscribeStar being active. The micro-game that came of it was Tessa the Mouse Boss.

Tessa will end up being a 2-3 month project. Resulting in a short interactive game that will help build the skills and learning for a larger project afterwards.

How often will you communicate to your Crowdfunding Patrons?

Usually once a week via a weekly wrap-up post exclusive to my Crowdfunding Patrons.


Your Crowdfunding Goal of $7,000 USD per month sounds like a lot just to be self-sustaining. Is it reasonable?

It does sound like a lot at first.

But it’s an honest, realistic, and forward looking goal.

Once Crowdfunding fees, transfer fees, currency conversion fees, government taxes, and the costs of operating the business are factored in I’d be left with enough to keep myself sustained even when factoring in a rising cost of living through to 2023.


I’m under 18. How can I support you?

You can support me by just living your life and enjoy being young. Come back to support me once you’re an adult.