Welcome to Kangaroo Games.



My name’s Caroo and I make video games and furry art, most of it erotic.

Releasing on Patreon and SubscribeStar allows me to mix those skills together to make video games for your entertainment!

Your support at $10 a month or more gives you access to all builds, demos, and design docs of the video games I make.

I’m creating games that are diverse in gameplay and themes while having a consistency in art style and tone. 

Some of these upcoming games and demos will be appropriate for all audiences.

And some other games will be very much aimed at a mature audience and not safe for work. They’ll explore erotic themes.

If you’re reading this now it means you’ve on the ground floor of me starting my Patreon and SubscribeStar. Thanks for giving it a look and I hope you’ll consider supporting me!


I’ll be starting small. Making art demo’s and small games that help build animation skills in unity and prove design ideas.

I’m currently working on a proof of concept for a consensual BDSM video game called Mistress in Training. 

It builds off the concepts seen in the Concept Demo:
In this game you’ll play the role of a Master or Mistress. It’s your goal to fulfill the desires of those who come to you.

Your first client is an overworked Police Officer who needs to unwind from the stress of her job. 

You need to discover through both actions and conversations what her heart desires.

Once the core-loop and play experience feels great to play my intention is to expand the character roster to 5-6 submissive characters with their own challenges and craft a full game experience.


From an art making standpoint I’ve been a part of the Fur Affinity art community since 2005. Making erotic art as a fun hobby for the most part.

From a game production standpoint I’ve been active in the commercial games industry for well over 12 years as a game designer. I’ve worked on console games through to mobile phone games.

Having developed my game making skills at professional studios, I aim to take those skills and use them to create games that are fun, strange and unique. Something that a small team can do well that large teams simply cannot justify as viable.

My core tools of the trade is Unity and Photoshop. I’m mostly a one-man-band of game development that fills in the gaps with help from others!